Midweek Nudge Compilation #1

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What's Midweek Nudge? 👉🏼

Midweek Nudge is Nudge › How's free Wednesday newsletter. In each entry, I usually post two key ideas, one book recommendation, an update for Nudge › How and one thought that's on my mind.

🌐 nudge.how/midweek-nudge

About The Compilation 📑

🎁 The compilation is a New Year's present of sorts. I realised that all key ideas from all newsletters posted up till now in a nice PDF file would be a good thing to giveaway.

💯 Here, we have all the key ideas from Midweek Nudge's 1 to 28. Since the newsletter is free, it only fits that this compilation is free as well.

🏃🏼‍♂️ In here, you'll find ideas about productivity, relationships, life changes, habits, and almost everything you can think of from odd (but helpful metaphors) to things I came across and found interesting.

🤷‍♂️ I spend a lot of time each week in coming up with the best pieces I can craft for this newsletter so you could easily say that this compilation is a squeezed version of the best Nudge › How offered in 2020.

One Last Thing 1️⃣

👉🏼 This is a free product!

Just put a 0 in the box and click "I want this!" and it'll be yours! 🔥

P.S. If you found value in Nudge › How and what I do, and if you feel like supporting the entire thing, feel free to put in any amount you feel is justified.

I would appreciate it more than anything in the world. 💖

Happy New Year! 🎉

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A PDF file with all key ideas from past Midweek Nudges!

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Midweek Nudge Compilation #1

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